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Community Service Project

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Being a citizen means working in your community. Be it the church group you volunteer at or the club that you participate in your actions count. A practical requirement of this program is helping to coordinate and contribute to school events so we can be a part of building the school community. You will have plenty of opportunities to contribute to the school.


Community Service Projects can include but are not limited to


  • Making a movie documenting a school event
  • Making a promotional movie for a school club
  • Making a  P.S.A for a school service
  • Making a "how to" movie explaining how to use something useful at school
  • Making a tips and tricks or "for dummy's guide" video explaining how to use something useful at school 
  • Making a video promoting a co-curricular program offered at Forest Lawn.  


The Assignment:

Use the pages tool to create a static page for this assignment. Then write a 30 second pitch to Ms Munroe about your community service project.  Document the event and embed your work. Remember to only film people who have forms signed, to only use first names and to disable comments on youtube. Reflect on your role in the success of the event. Write a reflection on the role of the event in building a positive community. Please write 25 - 75 words explaining your work. 





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