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Film Assignments

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Movie Moment  

Essential Questions

Great Moment  Rubric

Make a Blog  

Orientation Quiz  

Shot Types Quiz

15 Flash Cards  

Scavenger Hunt Shot List  

The Break Up

Emotional Intent Quiz  

Group contract

Movie That Matters - Movie That Matters (Rubric)

Audio Project (7 posts) - Audio Project (Rubric)

Working Backwards Shot List  

Documentary Pitch Film  

Documentary Script 

Community Service Project  - Community Service Rubric 

Audio Project Script  

Script Format Quiz 

Garage Band Quiz 

Anti-Homophobia Brief  Anti-Homophobia Shot List  

Iron Man Shot List Quiz 

Pulp Fiction Film Study  

Music Video Storyboard Music Video Study  Music Video Concept Music Video 

Shawn of the Dead Study  

Inception Film Study 


Other Projects

Tips for filming,  Essential Questions, Time Capsule , Excellent Film Experience, Journal project, Additional Pair Collaboration Project, Community Service Project, Great Moments in Film Presentation, Swede A Film, Group Space,  Survival Project, Group meeting minutes,  Proposal, Shot list,   Group Essential Question,  Final Project, Peer Evaluation, Music that Matters, Film History, Commercial Assignment, Advertising History, 

Swede A Movie

Sweded Movie Assignment


Shawshank Viewing Guide. 

Why Study In Alberta Montage Assignment


Add a "MUST DO" criteria 

Video Broadcasting Assignment

Sit Com

Safety Video


Chase Scene

No Gesture

Silent Movie

Silent Movie Eval

Language of Film 

Camera Blocking for Emotional Intent

The 7-Step Film Directing Formula - Filmmaking Tips for the ...


Swede PreProduction Jobs


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