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Personal Reflection

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This personal evaluation will be included in your in-term report. Please write neatly.


Independent Projects - 25

Self-confidence and commitment

Uses art as a tool of communication – in a variety of ways.

Uses movement as a communicative tool on stage

Well-timed delivery (on stage/in film)

Concentration and focus

Trusts self in character,

Shares their best work with an audience


Group Projects - 25

Shows initiative and leadership

Effective in the group process

Understand, accept and respect others

Initiates, organizes and directs projects

Commits to the subject, to fellow students and to the environment 

Challenges self – takes a risk – works your hardest

Work is done on due dates


Class Work - 25

Positive attitude

Contribute to a trusting classroom climate

Attentive listener


Adheres to school expectation

Opening activity is done quickly, immediately and to the best of your abilities. 

Not easily distracted 


Process & Reflections - 25

Accepts and gives constructive criticism 

Work is creative and imaginative

Makes creative decisions when writing/creating  

Work is neat and easy to read

Work is thorough - every question has an attempted answer.




Give yourself a mark out of 25, in each category. Explain your marks. What are you doing well? Where are your low marks? Make an action plan around any incomplete or missing assignments.



Independent Projects - /25

Explanation/ action plan:



Group Projects – /25

Explanation/ action plan:



Class Work - /25

Explanation:/action plan



Process & Reflections - /25

Explanation/action plan:





Which skill areas do I feel most proud of?






Which skill areas do I feel I could improve on?


How?  Write a smart goal.







Write a list of all the students in your group. Then give them an evaluation out of ten marks expressing how good they are at group work. A ten is for an excellent leader who motivates the group, comes to class prepared and ready to work. A five is for a group member who just goes along with what everyone else is doing, isn’t always prepared for class (no paper) and doesn’t add ideas or contribute creative direction.  Don’t forget to include yourself on the list.



























Go onto the online marks to see what you are doing well and what you are missing. If you are missing something you will need to tell your teacher what your plan is to make it up. 


If you miss an assignment due to an absence you can make it up at lunch or after school.  If you leave it as an absence it will equal a zero.   





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