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putting your work on iweb


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Your page should include:


/2 A title....

/2 A picture that expresses the subject.


/5 An introduction to yourself and your experiences so far with the subject. (5 sentences)

/1  picture of yourself. 


Your favs... 

/5 FILM: top 5 movies

/5 DRAMA: top 5 actors (M/F)

/5 IMPROV/DEBATE: top 5 improv games 

/5 DANCE: top 5 songs for dancing 


/5 and an explanation....why are they good.  (5 sentences)


/10 2 School or Class SMART goals.

                - 2 strategies

                - Notes about teacher support 


/2 What you think is worth doing:

/2 What you would like the school to do for you:

/2 How you think the school could prepare you for your career:

/2 How you think school could prepare you for life: 

A link to your partners page and a mark for your partners page

to put  link in you highlight a word, then open inspector and write the url you want to link the page to in the hyperlink box....

you can find the internal Tom Baines Website off the Tom Baines home page.







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