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Swede A Movie

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As part of this program you are required to view and analyze feature length films. In the intro level course you just need to watch the movie, break the plot into plot points and notice/describe filmmaking techniques. In this level you watch the movie, break the plot into plot points, create a 'best of' list of memorable moments, notice/describe the filmmaking techniques you want to mimic and then "swede" your movie.  


Basically you do this assignment in two parts. Part one is the theory and part two is the practice.


Part One 


1. The Story: Identify the film and write a plot synopsis that includes the ending of the story. Include key character names, locations and plot points. Highlight the parts of the movie that are most memorable.


2. The Message/Lesson: What do you believe was the message or lesson behind the production of this film? What might have been the purpose in making this film, besides to make money? Does the movie speak to the human experience?    


3. Film Lesson: One thing you learned from the film that you hope to use as a film maker yourself. (This could be a style of shooting, means of lighting, use of colour, music, framing scenes, etc.) . Express how and why you could use this in a personal project.


4. Best of List: Review what you've already decided the most important things are in telling this story. Make a list of 5 moments you absolutely must include in a sweded version of this movie. Consider if the movie is to be no more than 2 minutes how long should each of these moments be? Then describe your plan for filming each moment.


6. Video Clips: Choose a movie clip to share with the class, discuss it's technical merit, what the filmmaker did, how you reacted (emotionally) to the work and what you can learn for your future filmmaking from that clip. 


Part Two 


Your task is to swede a movie. You'll want to basically cast  your movie, rehearse, gather props and film your moments.  The special effects and stunts are where you can really be creative.  You'll need a shot list of moments you want to film and then a script for your cast and a plan for creating each moment. Your final project should be no more than 2 minutes long.


1. Shot list and script: Write a shot list and a script for your sweded movie.  


2. Film and edit your movie. 



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